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How long does the lift take?

The 3 step process takes just a few minutes, instructions are included so you can easily do it yourself at home!

How long do results last?

Your lamination will last up to 2 months! 

Is Diablo BrowLift safe?

Yes! Diablo BrowLift is completely safe and irritant free. There are no harsh chemicals in any of our products.

Will it ruin my eyebrows?

Not at all! Our formula contains a number of hydrating and conditioning ingredients, ensuring your brows remain nourished and healthy.

Is it difficult to maintain the lift?

No way! Diablo BrowLift is maintenance-free and will grow out on its own.

Can I wear makeup with a lamination?

Sure! After 24 hours, you're able to wear any products without affecting your lamination.

Can I shower/exercise with a lamination?

Yes! Diablo BrowLift is completely water, sweat and eye-rubbing friendly!