Simple At-Home Beauty

Feel confident in your own eyelashes

After lifting, you'll wonder why you ever worried about lash extensions or used mascara and curlers every single morning.



Was very dubious about whether someone as clumsy as me could re-create the same results that cost me £30+ in a salon, but this kit is MAGIC. So very easy to use, very clear instructions (though I say it myself) a much better curl than has ever been achieved in a salon. Would 100% recommend

Sarah C.

Honestly I am OVER THE MOON with my results. I’ve had 2 professional lash lifts before but they weren’t dramatic enough for me, so I used the smallest size pad and I’m loving myself SICK. I feel like I have lash extensions and it’s given me the confidence to stay makeup free!

Chloe T.

I have the straightest and shortest lashes going but after using this they look amazing! I used the S lift pads and I am so happy with the outcome. I used to get eyelash extensions but they just irritate my eyes and end up snapping all of my lashes. I would recommend this kit to anyone!"

Ashlee T.

"I have the STRAIGHTEST lashes ever and usually have to spend 20+ minutes curling my lashes when i want to put mascara on, i cant believe i used to spend £25 at a salon for this ! This is 100% just as good if not better than salon treatments, i am so insanely happy with the results :)

Danielle H.